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Thursday, January 31, 2008

Article writing.

The best method to generate free traffic to your website is from distributing articles. This strategy will provide you a free traffic of targeted unique visitors directly when people read your article, like what you have written and seek for more of your writing, and then they will click your link on the article or in the resource box. It will also help increasing your page rank because this way you will have one way back links to your site.To implement this strategy to receive the maximum Free traffic of it you need to write hundreds of articles, I am talking about 3-6 articles per day for the first 6-12 months of your promotion. And more is better. In this traffic generating strategy quantity is a head of quality. We want to insert as many one way back links to our website, force our knowledge in front of people to read it, remember our name and get a good idea of our content. It is not hard to write 2 articles an hour, you can (I am 100% sure you can) write 3 to 5 articles an hour. It is easy. Do not think that is the trick.Most of the beginners on this field sees writing articles as a huge project, need planning, researching and learning. Will it's not like that.How to write articles?First make a list of keywords that's the same keywords you use in your main website.Write down the first keyword, go to some article directory and search for article on that keyword; read the article and imagine that the writer is talking personally to you (have a conversation with the writer). After he finishes what say for him you have, write it down.Never think about what to write, just write the words will flow, write with your simple language, you are talking to people just like you, they may hate fancy words and they don't care about the grammar. Speed is the #1 key to be one of the most successful internet marketers, you need to work hard for the first year, you need to win the hard competition that's why you need to write and distribute 5 articles a day.Tips on writing articles:Each day choose one key words and write at least 5 articles on that key words.Publish this article "not all together, two at a time" to your blog first, then to article directories see article submitter software, not full automatic. Use your time effectively. You'll need to do other thing.Write your own content with your own words.Write niche targeted and keywords articles.Know to whom you are writing, who will probably read your article.Read articles in the same subject like yours. And write down a note about it your opinion; these notes will be great content for writing.Write fast, work hard in the first year and you will enjoy it for life.Read only one more time, to change. The best writing will be the first.Article must be 400-550 words long. When you need to add more write a new one as a series. Jossef sal


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