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Friday, November 2, 2007

How to work affiliate programs?

by jossef s.

Working affiliate programs is not easy as most of the new affiliate thinks, or been told, on the other hand it does not require any special talents or knowledge. You can have all the information on "how to" from the Internet by free.
before we straggle with concepts and methods let`s look at the head lines for better view:

What is affiliate program:
Affiliate program is simply an advertising method. It is when the company promote there products to reach a wide range of customers, but they pay a commission per sale. And because not all of us good on selling they developed a different programs like MLM "Multi Level Marketing", or two tier and more. That mean you do not need to make the sale find some one else to do that and you will get your share from his work.
On the Internet it is easier than that
It is all about traffic and visitors, the company you are affiliate with will give you an affiliate ID and you will lead your visitors through this ID to the company sales page.
So all you will ever need to do is bring visitors to their website, some of these visitor will buy, and you will get commission from it, some will join the affiliate program in your down line and do the same as you did and they also will earn their commission and earn you a share of it. Because you are the reason they become affiliates, this is the good part of affiliate industry.

SO what you need is a way to target traffic ( visitors ) to your affiliate website. This is the real serious work that you need to do, this is the center of your focus. Do not let any one to miss lead you, especially when they say SECRETS, there are no secrets, there are some trick, but you do not need them, not for now.
Now IF all the work you will need to do is to drive traffic to your website, then let us discuss a few elements:
If you can drive 1000 visitors per month to your affiliate link and 2 off them buy or join. now think..............
think again............
- I hear you say: " O.K I made 2 sales per month that`s good"
Yes that is good but you have lost 998 visitors.
-Not all visitors will buy or join.
Yes, but what if you offered them something else, is it possible that other 2 could buy or join the second offer.
- Maybe.
Let us give them a third offer or more.
Then you will make your effort pay back.
To do so
Have your own website. then and only then you are working for yourself, and what ever happens with your affiliate programs you will be in control. It`s your website, you can promote 10 programs at once, hundreds of products with 10 simple links.
Have a niche unique domain name. Make your own identity.
Join at least 5 solid affiliate programs. Their products need to match your focus and your niche domain name.
Do not jump from one program to another. This way you will spend all your time reading the same material and the same e-mails.

Now begin driving traffic to your website

After 6 years in this field I am writing this articles for those of you who are new to this. I am trying to save you some time and effort.
Some of my friend said: "every one knows this".
Every on working with affiliate programs know this, but the new guys do not, this piece of information cost them money and a lot of time.
This pref information I have wrote more than 100 times to the new affiliate who joined my team. I do not care if 95% of them leave my program, "They thought they will earn money without doing anything". I want the 5% who stays to know exactly what are they doing, how they need to do so. after all if they succeed I will get share of their success. So I want them to success and I want them to do so fast.

If some of you are asking " is there a fast proven way to do that?"
Yes there is.
There is a guy called Ston Evas, he had build a program that will cut all the hard work for you.
It is a free package contains your own business, your only work left is to promote this business, he will even help with this part too.

Yours to your success
Jossef s.

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