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Monday, October 29, 2007

Why Where and How to make money?

Why Where and How to make money?
by Jossef s.

Last week we talked a little bit on Why, the important thing we need to know about why is if we were living for the money or by it.
I hope you had a good Idea of that if the money own you, you will never reverse this situation, so break free.

Now we will search where to get the money. Will there is companies, markets, offices and also banks. you go there find a job or sell a product or have a loan; then you will say I am making a living.
What if I want more than making a living, what is living in your perspective.
Some guys are saying "I got a job" :), with big smile on their faces, will Gooooood for you. How much are you giving for this job and how much are you getting back from it. are you making a "living"; look into the future in 10 years where are you?, still making a "living"?.
What if I tell you let`s change the future.
-can we?
NO absolutely not. But you can.
I want to use your imagination for a second with a fact that you love to ignore, don`t sleep on me please:-O
You have a job 8 hours per day 5 days a week, they pay you 10$ an hour 80$ a day it`s 1760$ per month. In 5 years it may reach 2000$ or 2500$. Good you say!! Nooo not for me.
You are now investing time and effort with out a future pay back. Stop the effort and the money will stop. You need to get your glasses off to see the clear picture.
Get back to me now...
So where to find the money?
You look in your little town or your big city, can you look beyond to the whole country and maybe to the world.
To the Internet daaa.
The Internet is the only way for you and me and guys like us to get more money, that we need to have a "good living" that, by the way, we really deserve to have.
Already asking how? we will get to it next week. Now let us focus on the Internet.
The Internet had open for us the opportunity to work world wide, and very easy may I say. some time back a little boy had find a way to change the world. He helped 2 people and he asked from them in return to each help 2 people and so on and on. Now this method are implemented in marketing. Instead of giving 50% of the product`s price to the advertising company 20% to the wholesalers. At the end the product will reach the people; so let`s give the 50% to the people and with the 20% we will build the one helps tow line on network.
That is affiliate program.
It is a job with all means. you will get your 50% for your effort and help 2 to get their 50% and so on. in return the company will give the 20% of the effort of those you have helped to you.
In this way you get payed for your effort and time, like the ordinary job, but also you get payed for the effort and time from others, though even if your effort stops, the money will keep coming and it will grow with the time. It`s like growing a tree, you planted it and it will give you back fruit, you will only need to give it some water no more.
This is the beauty of the Internet, you can be in L.A "good place for living, good for you", and profit from the effort of some one in HongKong, or London or any where on this small planet.
That`s where the good money is, and that`s where you need to go.
have a good journey.

Yours to your success
Jossef s.


Monday, October 22, 2007

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Why, Where and How to make money?

By jossef s.

The simple questions in life can determine our path. we can ignore it, but it will never let go of us. We know the answer but is it the right one, is there a right one?

Her is a very regular person, asking so many questions, only to find his way out. And it may also lead you out. Give him a chance.

I have put a red carpet that lead to the door of a very successful unique guy, he can and will change your life the way he did for me. I now will try to convince you to walk trough on this red carpet. In life we are signs we can lead each others toward a different places; is it good or bad it depend on our choice. choosing the right sign that point to the better direction no short cuts and no returns.

90 percent of our time we are looking for something, thinking or hopping we know what we are looking for. And 90 percent we are looking for the wrong thing. So we need to put every thing in order.to reach the H you need to go through P, A and T and have PATH.

Why we need money for?

Some will say, OK this one is really stupid, we know all our life is focused on money we work hard for it, we trad time "the most prestigious element on life" for it and we make our lives Miserable because of it. This is what we call modern life where there is a little if any space for love, family and happiness.

OK maybe it is stupid, but are we living to make money or are we making money to live. think!!

Our childhood we spend in studying what we call education, but with the time we implant the idea that this study have one and only one purpose and that is to have a good respectful job, and the last one is for the money.

here goes third of our life time, the next third we will try to work hard enough to make a living. In this period of time we are looking for success, for some this word mean satisfying the BOSS, making the business owner richer and for others making a progress of themselves for themselves.

Now stop; do your self a favor, just stop ......

look back and look forward, where are you going?, with whom?, what are you doing? and for what?.

now answer are you living for the money or by the money?

Doing what you love to do and by doing it you make money.

Your job need to be some thing you live to do, this is the only way you will be creative and successful. Do not try to love your job, try to find your "love job". It`s like your partner in life you can find some " any one" and trying hard to love him or her, and you know this is wrong. Do it the wright way could be the easy way.

Do not judge people before you hear them out, and think about what they said. a fail-er can give you a good advice of how to success.

Next we will ask where?

jossef s.